Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Senator Harry Reid: Expert on Iraq?

Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton), who described the Iraqi surge as "failed" before it started, who said that General Petraeus is "out of touch" with the realities in Iraq, who called Petraeus and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace "incompetent," declared the military mission in Iraq "completed" months ago, and who, within 60 days of voting to confirm Gen. Petraeus told CNN that he doesn't believe what Petraeus says, has an Iraq issue of his own.

According to the Majority Leader's office, Senator Reid has traveled to Iraq exactly once in the past four years. This puts him squarely in the middle of the senators least interested in and least informed about the area.

This is the same Majority Leader who recently took 107 days to pass a funding bill for our troops on the ground. He is the same man who, in a fit after his defeat on the immigration bill, withdrew the current military funding bill from consideration, leaving a vacuum where funding should be.

Of course, with what Senator Reid been saying about American troops, Iraq may be a particularly dangerous place for him to visit. After all, his friends seem to be losing.


Dr.D said...

Things are not going for Sen. Reid the way he would like for them to go. At the same time, the Iraqi Parliament has gone on vacation, leaving critical work undone, which says to me that our work in Iraq is finished. If the Iraqis are not sufficiently interested in their own future to stay at work and get their own house in order, work out their political problems, etc., then I think it is definitely time for US troops to come home. We are wasting our resources on people who do not appreciate our efforts on their behalf enough to even stay there and work. Its time to leave, not for Reid, but for our own sakes.

Anonymous said...




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