Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reid: The Surge Has Failed! Oops, Comment Before Complete Deployment

Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) declared the surge of American troops a failure days before the surge is completed, even as American commanders urged the American pubic not to pass judgment on the plan's effectiveness until after all U. S. troops are fully deployed.

The final American troops included in the surge are scheduled to be arrive on station this Friday, three days after Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi described their mission as failed.

For the first time I can understand John Kerry's fixation on "the last man to die for a mistake." Elected representatives like Reid and Pelosi are doing everything possible to assure that the American mission in the middle east will end as a mistake. While a decisive victory is well within America's capabilities, given leaders like these victory may be beyond America's will to achieve.

In light of Reid's earlier comments that General Petraeus, the military leader on the ground in Iraq, is "out of touch" with the realities in Iraq (I think he meant within the dome in DC) and that Petraeus and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs are both "incompetent," it's a wonder that Reid isn't pushing for an immediate surrender.

Of course, if these surrender specialists ever did manage to bring the troops home, they might find those very same troops marching towards that dome under which their "leaders" hide.

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