Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thoughts for Harry Reid

Hugh Hewitt has posted a bit of verse, Thoughts For Harry Reid, by
Tarzana Joe
, that capture the very essence of the craven Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton).

Here they are in full:

Thoughts for Harry Reid

Would Rockne be remembered
If the towel he had tossed?
Forget about the Gipper, boys
This game’s already lost.

Would Lincoln be a hero
And on pennies be embossed
If he announced that, after Shiloh
This Union, friends, is lost.

Would Caesar have surrendered
Before the Rubicon was crossed?
Did Ulysses pull the plug
When his barque was tempest-tossed?

Would Perry’s flag be flying
Would hist’ry gip a rip
If, on it, he embroidered
“Do give up the ship!”

If we’d been bowed by setbacks
Or our opponents’ fury
Nothing would have happened
On the deck of the Missouri

So in the battle of our lifetime
If I can be the chooser
I’d rather keep on fighting
Than declare myself the loser.

Uplifting are the memories of the actions of heroic men who built our civilization.

Depressing is the thought of too many of their successors.

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