Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christine's Mom

Somewhere outside of Minneapolis a little girl, little at least in size and young in years, surprised her mother with news.

"Come to Grandparents' Day at school, Mom. I'm going to sing and dance!"
This was news to her mother— who could make a handsome living promising never to sing or dance—on several fronts: Never had she known her daughter to sing or dance. There had been neither lessons nor apparent practice. No mention of an upcoming show. No warnings at all.

So, with trepidation to spare, and fully prepared to pick up the pieces of a disappointed daughter, off they went to Grandparents' Day.

Well, sing she did, and dance she did, and spectacularly well she did, too.

And sparkle she does all the time.

So, with apologies to readers who tune in for weightier matters, here's one for Christine. This is her song, done almost as well as she sang it. If you close your eyes just so, you can almost see her dancing.

Dear Christine, may you always sparkle just as much as you do today.

And this is for her mother, too, who almost sang and danced while she told the story.

Thanks to The Rankin Family for their help with the audio.

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Anonymous said...

oh, that is so sweet - what a great gift