Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gen. Petraeus: The Army's Fastest Loser, According to Reid

Just five months ago, Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) voted to confirm General David Petraeus as commander of the Multi-National Force–Iraq. The Senate vote was 81-0 for the military leader regarded by many as the best in the Army at the counterinsurgency role now so prominent in Iraq.

On Tuesday Sen. Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, referred to General Petraeus and his superior, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace, as "incompetent."

Either that is the fastest decline of military competence in American history, or Senator Reid is playing politics with the war in Iraq.

Reid calling any American soldier "incompetent" is less a turn of phrase than a churn of stomach.

Senator, have you no shame?

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