Monday, December 20, 2010

Obama to Register Rifles

For the first time ever, the Obama administration is taking steps to register rifles sold through firearms dealers begininning January 5, 2011.

It seems that otherwise law-abiding rifles used for recreation—plinking, hunting and shooting competitions— and self-defense while north of the Mexican border, turn into stone cold cartel killers once they cross south of the Rio Grande. There's no data on whether their criminal behavior continues after they return to U. S. or if they revert to their previous good citizenship.

Obama's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has requested emergency approval from the White House Office of Budget Management to require 8,500 federally-regulated firearms retailers in four states to report two or more sales to the same purchaser within 5 days of rifles that fire a round larger than .22 long rifle.

According to Scripps News, the goal isn't to stop sales but to

just allow authorities to immediately seek out the buyer and try to determine his motives.
OK, but while they're at it, how about an investigation of the editorials at Scripps, just to determine their motives?

The new Obama registration would apply to semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines larger than five rounds. It would include a majority of the rifles manufactured in the last 75 years.

With typically Obama graciousness, however, BATFE plans to allow public comments for 60 days, though the rule would be enforced while comments are received.

Let's see, we can comment… but only after the fact.

UPDATE: Of course, comments will only happen if voters are informed. BATFE has no mention of this emergency request on its website. Like so many of the administration's news items, the "official notice" was dumped into the legacy media on a Friday night by the Government Printing Office.

Chris Cox, head of NRA-ILA, calls the move illegal, a circumvention of Congress and promises a fight on Capitol Hill.

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