Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washington Democrats to American Voters: "DROP DEAD!"

Only six weeks after the election destined to change modern American history, an election which saw hundreds of public offices at all levels across the land change—from left to right, blue to red, liberal to conservative, Democrat to Republican—Harry Reid and his henchmen in the Democratic leadership in Washington responded to voters with a resounding, "DROP DEAD!"

The Senate Majority Leader has just scheduled for a floor vote a $1.1 trillion dollar ($1,100,000,000,000), 1,900 page spending bill larded up with 20,000 separate earmarks. These earmarks, nearly ten per page, will cost future American generations, our children and their children and their children's children, hundreds of billions of dollars. By themselves they are commit more spending than did the entire federal government just a few years ago.

One can make credible arguments over the meaning encapsulated in the recent election: whether or not it demanded an end to Obamacare, the future of nuclear storage at Yucca Mountain, the path of the war in Afghanistan. It is impossible, however, absolutely totally impossible, to credibly claim that November's voters were voicing their support for continuing—for expanding!—legislators' cowardly addiction to stealth spending.

Many of these people were fired in November, given notice to clean out their offices in January.

They've taken license for liberty to loot the place on their way out the door.

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