Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Fix Is In

President Obama and his bunch of merry men promised a solution to our economic ills. Spend trillions of dollars, rebuild infrastructures, improve health care and education. Take the long view, this can't be solved in months. It make take decades. They dampened raging hopes for immediate success with the caveat that the first results might be felt April 1, when tax withholding tables were reduced.

To the delight of all, the fix has worked even faster than fast.

What President Obama described just two weeks ago as the greatest economic crisis since 1932, a disaster, a mess, is already better. Now, America is a fine place to invest, we're safe and our investments our safe. Even more critically, Chinese investments in American debt are safe, perfectly . The travel industry is getting better, people should spend, invest, create jobs, vacation. Heck, we should even start buying more arugula.

What a miracle, the power of his words.

No, nah, no crisis here. Nothing to see. Move along. Don't concern yourselves with the portions of your lives we've centralized in Washington. No need to worry. None.

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