Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speak, Sarah, Speak!

Sarah Palin is the most effective spokesperson the McCain campaign has. The camera loves her, even more so than it does Senator Obama.

The campaign should immediately purchase 30 minutes of network time to allow Gov. Palin to speak to America directly. She's guaranteed an enormous audience, to which she can speak without interference from media gatekeepers, without filters, without film on the cutting room floor.

Sarah Palin can do more, reach more people in one 30-minute shot on the networks than in skipping around from airport to airport from now until election day.

She is a transformative communicator, let Sarah speak.

Let her reach out, touch America.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I want to see Sarah do a national ad! Only problem is that somehow Obama got a good deal money wise to air his infomercial and McCain won't be able to get the same price! So unfair!

Anonymous said...

I heartily agree.. put Gov. Palin on TV ASAP.. read more here

Hey McCain Camp: Read My Lips - Put your Hula Hoop on National TV

Steve Poling said...

I think you have in mind Ronald Reagan's speech, "A Time For Choosing." Though I strongly endorse your suggestion, I think there's a problem with RINOs in the McCain campaign who would oppose giving her that opportunity. The Vichy Republicans would prefer to put to death Ronald Reagan's legacy and this speech would mark his reincarnation.

That said, I think this is the single best thing Mr. McCain can do for that last minute burst of energy that'll push him over the top.

Anonymous said...

palin killed mccain's campaign. it probably would have died anyway, but she alienated more than she energized. mccain is going down nov 4th.