Sunday, October 26, 2008

Smart Money: The Best Campaign Expenditure Ever

There are thousands of ways to spend campaign dollars. Most have no discernible effect. A very few, fewer than a handful, have made history and are remembered long after the yard signs have faded into shredding pastels.

The decision by the RNC to invest $150,000 in Sarah Palin's wardrobe was the smartest expenditure of the Republican campaign.

Photo courtesy of RightFighter at Free Republic.

Governor Palin is a thoughtful, assertive and articulate spokesperson for John McCain's campaign, the Republican party and conservatism. She generates excitement with every appearance and is easily as attractive a speaker as Senator Obama, who once spent more than $5 million on atmospherics for a single forgettable and already forgottent speech. Whatever funds are spent packaging Gov. Palin for the media are dollars well spent. She need not apologize, most especially not to members of the legacy media whose every pose is supported by roomfuls of pollsters, analysts and cosmetic artists.

Whoever is responsible for the decision to spend money on Sarah Palin deserves a promotion for helping to save McCain's campaign at a time when it needed real help.

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