Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Stupid is 'Baghdad' Jim McDermott? How Embarrassed Are His Supporters?

Truth be told, the average Representative is not one of the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. They often compensate with verbal agility, the ability to speak with fluidity while communicating little. Representative McDermott is one of those.

Jim McDermott (D-WA) is stupid enough to go to Iraq during the buildup to the war. He's dumb enough to appear from downtown Baghdad on a Sunday morning talk show clapping his hands for Saddam. In fact, Jim McDermott is dumb enough to be bought and paid for by Saddam's intelligence agency. Not only did Saddam pay for Jim's visit, he also paid the intermediary who arranged the trip 2 million barrels of oil for the propaganda coup.

Representative McDermott pleads ignorance, he didn't know who paid for his travels.

This is not the first episode where Jim's neurons didn't connect. There was his experience as a member on the House Ethics Committee, where he illegally transferred a taped phone call to his media buddies. That ended up with a court order to pay the victim nearly a million dollars.

When Baghdad Jim isn't representing Saddam or pedaling taped calls, his day job is representing one of the most affluent sections of Seattle, an area where many households are composed of household names.

They are folks who are comfortable with their far left politics, climate-sensitive green earth values and anti-Bush righteousness. Their discomfort lies with any sense of embarrassment, and Jim has finally become an embarrassment.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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