Thursday, February 17, 2011

Needed in Wisconsin Today: A PATCO moment

Ronald Reagan "made" his presidency the day he personally fired more than 10,000 air traffic controllers who refused his order to cease their illegal strike. The country enjoyed an eight year break from serious labor unrest during his administration. Years later, even the Soviets admitted they had taken note of his backbone.

In Wisconsin today, several thousand union teachers in Wisconsin lied to their employers, based on that fraud took a paid day off, shuttered their schools and marched off to protest a proposal to make their compensation more like that of the taxpayers who pay them.

Governor Walker and the relevant school boards should fire each and every government employee, specifically including teachers, who lied.

We can live in a land of rules by law, governed by those who win majorities or we can live by the rule of the mob, in this case the union leaders, teachers and thugs.

Fire them, Mr. Walker, then move on.

UPDATE: Athens, Wisconsin

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