Friday, December 31, 2010

The Abortion of a Generation of Entrepreneurs

From a comment at Transterrestrial Musings by Jody Green,

To the private sector a half a billion dollars is enough to start a whole new industry. To the federal government it is a rounding error. How many new industries will be lost due to a wasteful spending of a totally dysfunctional federal government?
Truer words were never spoke.

The Obama administration has sucked the market dry for startups. Investment capital has all but disappeared as angel investors have fled the market and VCs died by the hundreds, perhaps thousands.

A million companies have not been started, they died before their birth. A million more have sprung too weakly into life, suffering life-long defects caused by the business equivalent of oxygen starvation, a lack of sufficient capital.

Obama has presided over—nay, he has performed!—the abortion of an entire generation of entrepreneurs.

Just as in human death before life, we will never hear the screams of the victims, the unborn businesses and industries that might have been.

They are dead, there bodies sucked dry so that government may live more grandly.

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