Monday, May 31, 2010

Bill Clinton, Bagman for the Chicago Mob

Just when you thought all the characters had settled into their roles for the four-year epic The Godfather VII, The White House Years, along comes Bill Clinton.

Mr. Clinton, the ghost of the White House's sleaziest past, a perjurer and expert multi-tasker while on the phone, has returned in the role of honest broker between Rham Emmanuel and Rep. Joe. Sestak.

In a Friday news dump, White House chief counsel Bob Bauer admitted that the White House Chief of Staff had used the former President and lady-slayer as an intermediary in an attempt to throw the Pennsylvania primary election to Obama ally Arlen Specter.

The Sestak enticement bribe is apparently the fourth such effort by the Chicago gang in the White House, each in violation of black letter law, as the Hatch Act unequivocally prohibits government employees engaging in politics. While it is perfectly legal for citizen Clinton to make unseemly offers of unpaid federal positions, Rham Emmanuel is subject to forfeiture of his position for asking Clinton to make the pitch.

Confusion reigns about some of the details. The White House has said that the conversations took place during June and July. Mr. Bauer's three-month review addresses only a single, thirty second phone conversation. Sestak repeatedly described the offer publicly as a high-level job. The White House mentions only a non-paid panel position on one of a hundred study commissions. Interestingly, the panel the White House has publicly fingered is one upon which Rep. Sestak cannot legally serve.

So, an illegal offer, made through a disbarred perjurer, for an illegal position, made in an failed effort to tilt the U. S. Senate.

It's the Chicago way.

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