Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What did Al Gore Know, and When Did He Know It?

The evidence that "climate warming" crisis has been manipulated is now widespread, overwhelming and irrefutable.

The question remaining is who are responsible for what appears to be a con larger than any imagined by Bernie Madoff or Carl Ponzi. Will Al Gore, who has untold millions of dollars off the scam, live in history as a perpetrator and the major beneficiary of the greatest fraud in history?

We now know that:

  • The raw historical data supporting the global warming theory was "adjusted" to lower the temperature of the medeival warm period, 500 years beginning 1,000 years ago when world temperatures were far warmer than today's, a time when Greenland exported wine and discussions of CO2 and "anthrological global warming" could have no meaning. By lowering reported temperatures from that earlier time, climatologists specially interested in AGW made modern temperatures seem warmer.
  • Temperature data for the recent 150 years was "cherry picked" to support the global warming theory. Trees from a forest in Siberia, their growth rings thought to be a proxy for temperatures, were harvested and examined. Ninety-seven percent of the trees, those whose rings did not fit the theoretical warming pattern, were "selected out" of the analysis. The 3% that fit expectations were included. This data set, where test data that didn't fit was discarded, became one of the firmaments upon which AGW rests.
  • Temperature measurements taken from stations around the world since the early 1900's were "adjusted" for changes in the environment. All the the adjustments were upward. Together these manual adjustments account for more than 100% of the reported warming in the last 60 years.
Willis Eschenbach at Watts Up With That? has done an in-depth analysis of the adjustments made for one historical temperature series (Darwin, Australia) used in the base data.

This first chart shows the alarming temperature increase trend reported by the climatologists and included in their reports supporting AGW. Obviously, a temperature rise of 6°C per century is stunning, and stimulates real concern no matter the cause.

Reality, however, is a different matter entirely. Here are the actual temperatures reported by the Darwin stations, before the adjustments inserted by unnamed climatologists.

The books, as they say, have been cooked.

The recent release of emails from East Anglia have shed light on the supposed heating. We now know that
  • In shades of Galileo's experience, the advocates of AGW have used political pressure on scholarly periodicals to suppress the concerns of questioners and the arguments of skeptics.
  • In the computer programs used to produce the single most "authoritative" analysis, one completed 30 years ago which forms the basis for almost all other analyses, the Fortran was hardwired to produce a hockey stick result.
  • The original data has been destroyed.
  • The projections which this model produced does not match recorded actual temperatures and the climatologists running the program have no idea why.
  • The model does not predict—does not come close to predicting—actual historic results, large or small.
  • For three years, the advocates of AGW who control the data, the models, and it turns out to a significant degree the scientific press, have conspired to destroy records of their studies in order to avoid sharing data with others.
  • For three years, NASA, which is the third international repository of historical temeperature data supposedly supporting AGW theories, has refused FOIA requests to share its data.
Mr. Gore has been the chief propagandist for this charade, the Goebbels of global warming. He has harvested handsomely from his efforts. Global warming has afforded him the life-style of a centi-millionaire, living and traveling in a manner fitting an alchemist who really has discovered the secrets of transmuting lead to gold.

Mr. Gore has been more successful even than P. T. Barnum.

When Mr. Gore distracts with cries "Crisis!" be careful of your wallet.

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