Monday, November 09, 2009

Obama Decides Bipartisanship is Unacceptable

In the 2,000 page health care monstrosity passed late Saturday night by the House of Representatives, only one section mustered bipartisan support. The Stupak amendment passed the House with a truly bipartisan, strong majority vote.

Unfortunately for those who believe still in democracy, President Obama has just announced that "because there are strong feelings on both sides," the bill needs more work.

Is this the way they do it in Chicago? Do strong feelings of the minority trump the bipartisan votes of the majority?

If so, perhaps we can get a "do-over" on the major bill, which passed on a nearly perfect party-line vote with only one-twentieth the margin of the Stupak amendment, over the "strong feelings" held by opponents of politicized health care?

Or, does the strength of the "strong feelings" argument depend on who's doing the feeling

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