Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jurors Sentenced to Life Without Parole

Do you suppose President Obama gave a moment's thought to the future jury that will sit for the trial of the terrorist war criminals in New York City? If the jurists eventually vote to convict, won't they likely be targets of real and wannabe jihadists for the rest of their lives?

They will spend every waking moment of every waking day wondering whether the car will start with a flash, whether the loud bang was a backfire or a rifle shot, whether the sudden pain while strolling down Fifth Avenue is a knife in the side.

Their spouses, children, parents, siblings, workplaces, churches and bowling alleys will be at risk for a generation.

They will be pariahs among their friends, worse than Typhoid Mary. Like her, they may be imprisoned for life for their own protection on an island in NYC's harbor.

A possible silver lining: Mayor Bloomberg is about to get a ton of requests for concealed weapons permits from ordinary everyday citizens of New York, members of the jury pool. It'll be interesting to see how he responds.

These guys, reputed to be so very smart, really aren't impressive at all.

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