Friday, October 02, 2009

IOC Breaks the News: Our President Has No Clothes

Drudge headlined the story, "The Ego Has Landed," but I doubt that it has.

I agree with French President Sarkozy's view that Mr. Obama's ego is so great as to block sunlight on the brightest days.

Now, the IOC has pointed out what Americans should already know, the man who would be king has no clothes.

Mr. Obama promised us during the campaign the renewed respect of the world. Instead, his ceaseless tours of self-aggrandizement have depended on belittling his country and cost America the respect of almost every ally. Worse, his inabilities to actually govern, to lead, to decide, to press forward on a steady path have made it clear to our enemies, real and prospective, that we in the free world are leaderless.

Mr. Obama makes time for distractions, as surely the 2016 Olympics are, but cannot find time for pressing decisions of life and death in Afghanistan. He finds time to meet with the late night pervert David Letterman, but has not a moment to jot down an outline for his health care concepts.

Mr. Obama talks, but cannot walk. He has no clothes.

UPDATE: Victor David Hanson agrees, writing at NRO

Obama’s messianic appeal is wearing thin, both at home and abroad. I think that once Sarkozy essentially said to the world, “The emperor has no clothes,” the Obama facade crumbled. And here we are.
Read the whole thing.

Mr. Obama's arrogance is his only defense against the elements. For that, it is ample.

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