Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama: Doesn't Slice, Can't Dice

The biggest news out of the weekend of wall-to-wall coverage of the networks by the President is… what didn't happen.

No news, no noise, no post-show analysis, no extensive commentary the day after. The media "buzz" was on a level commensurate with an appearance by Mr. Obama on one network, not five.

Obviously, the administration has lost its audience.

It needs a change.

It needs Ron Popeil!

Mr. Popeil, you'll recall, practically invented the infomercial. He's widely regarded as able to sell proverbial ice cubes to Eskimos.

Even Ron's trademark phrases could be re-coined for the purpose.

Is Mr. Obama having a little difficulty synchronizing any of the five bills stalled in Congress with his dozens of contradictory promises to the American people? No problem, Mr. President, just

Set it and forget it!
Need a little something to seal the deal? Well, Ron can sway the day with
But wait! There's more!
Is the trillion dollar price tag still too heavy for any rational person to agree with? Ron says,
Now how much would you pay?
Just one little tiny, teensy-weensy problem.

If we have Ron, who needs Mr. Obama?

When in need, go with the real deal. Accept no substitute.

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