Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Will Obama Get To Terminate Schwarzenegger?

If the federal government bails out California, will President Obama fire Governor Schwarzenegger?

What, you say, there's no law that allows a President of the U. S. to fire a state's duly elected governor?

Well, so what?

Picky people said the same thing about the chairman of Bank of America and its directors, the chairman of GM and its directors, the president of AIG. There's nothing in our legal or political system that allows Barney Frank to dictate the location of distribution centers, or Tim Geithner to turn Chrysler over to its union bosses.

So, why not a failed governor? If California needs a bailout, President Obama and his Ivy League braintrust ought to get to terminate the terminator to plug in a mid-season replacement.

What the heck, maybe fire the Assembly and State Senate, too.

Actually, why stop there? New York is in pretty sad shape, too...

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