Friday, June 12, 2009

President Obama Torpedoes His First Foreign Government, Bermuda

In a perverse form of reverse nation-building, President Obama today torpedoed his first foreign government, that of Bermuda. Heretofore known for sunny beaches, great rum and relaxed lifestyle, the island's United Bermuda Party has moved a "no confidence" motion against Premier Ewart Brown. The Premier apparently agreed to President Obama's secret request to park a handful of Gitmo terrorists on Bermuda, without the knowledge of Bermuda's Parliament or the approval of the island's protector, Great Britain.

It's difficult to imagine a payoff smaller than that which Palau accepted last week, about $10 million per terrorist, but Premier Brown says there is no quid quo pro. Sure, sounds reasonable, why not?

Premier Brown, not to be confused with Britain's Prime Minister Brown, compared his acceptance of the four terrorists as similar to Bermuda's hosting 10,000 guest workers. As reported in The Royal Gazette, quoting an interview of the Premier by Miss Thang (seriously),

"We saw this and see it as an immigration issue with potential political overtones and we consider that to be within the portfolio of the Government. Government House says it's foreign policy."
He said the men will work while they are here as they have technical skills and two of them speak English well.
"We have 10,000 guest workers. They come in quietly. I do not see any way their coming will impact the employment of Bermudians, housing of Bermudians or business of Bermudians."
No word yet on schedule changes from Royal Carribean Cruise Lines.

While the Bermuda government teeters, our closest ally's government totters. England's current government looks like a fool, out on a limb being sawed upon by the man in the White House. Will Secretary of State Clinton be able to put out the fire… or really even want to?

I suspect that our friends would right about now wish to have President Bush in office again rather than these ever so smart yahoos.

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