Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You're Ever Going to Die One Day…

If you're planning to die one day,
whether near or far, or

If you're ever going to be sick,
Sick enough for a doctor or a hospital, well, then
It's not too soon, so start now.

Get to know a politician, and
Get comfortable sucking up, now.

Because you can never tell when you might need a powerful politician,
say a Barney Frank, or
Chris Dodd, Henry Waxman or Charley Rangel, or even
Barack Obama if you get really, really, seriously sick.

Those will be the guys who will be able to help you
Get in to see the doctor, or
Get a hospital room, or even
Be approved for the procedure that could save your life but
Isn't approved.

Now, you'll never be as powerful
As the chairman of Goldman, or
The president of Fannie Mae, or
As smart as Tim Geithner or
As cuddly as Barney Frank, so
You better get going and
Start major sucking now,
And get used to being called a Sucker.

For in the end, having made the choice
Better bled than dead,
You'll find no choice was necessary,
The answer, you see,
Is both.

P T Barnum is in the building, and in the House and the Senate and the White House down the street.

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Anonymous said...

Well as an older gentleman, who spent his life in the surgical field, I heartily agree. Even in the Obama/ABC news conference, or whatever it was, Mayo Clinic came through not enjoying having to keep older people alive. That's a little disconcerting as I have some appointments at Mayo this coming week. I'll put a call into Obama to ask him to see that those Mayo doctors will bend their rules a little for this 84 year old surgeon, just in case I might need a pig valve. I'll keep you posted. Keep up the interesting and informative blogs.