Friday, September 19, 2008

Joe Biden is Not a Patriot

Let me be among the first to question Joe Biden's patriotism. Oh sure, it's not considered nice to question whether or not a politician's patriotic. But the time has finally come to leave nice behind and look at Mr. Biden's reality!

Joe Biden defines patriotism as a willingness to pay more tax, to pony up.

Well, I've reviewed Senator Biden's federal tax returns for the past ten years. America's been good to him, very literally and particularly. Most of his income has come from you and me, from the taxes we pay. So I can understand why he might define patriotism in a peculiarly narrow way.

Funny thing, though. Not once in those ten years has Mr. Biden chipped in any extra voluntary tax dollars beyond the barest minimum called for by law. Not once has Joe Biden felt compelled to express his patriotism with his tax dollars. In fact, Joe Biden has used hundreds of thousands of dollars of itemized deductions to reduce his taxes. In ten years of filings Senator Biden has claimed $550,000 in deductions, the sole purpose of which were to reduce his taxes by about $150,000 below the statutory level. No one has forced him to take itemized deductions. He chose to, in order to pay less.

Less tax = less patriotism. Simple as that, at least according to Joe Biden.

Now, what kind of man defines a virtue one way but openly practices exactly the opposite?

Certainly not, in this case, a patriot.

Senator Biden, I know patriots. I know you. And Senator Biden, your patriotism is exceeded by your self-regard. Substantially so.

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Anonymous said...

Lunch Pail Joe gave less than $400 to charity last reported calendar year, but he wants us to pony up to his favorite charity - the US government. He is a creep.