Monday, August 04, 2008

Pelosi Drowns House Democrats in Boiling Oil

No one ever accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being the brightest bulb in the admittedly dim Democratic House chandelier, but her recent moves on energy prove how very low her intellectual rheostat is set.

Caution: This is not for queasy stomachs. If you're sensitive to squirming, circuitous locutions, or sudden disconnects, consider only reading the transcript, here.

First, she left Friday for a five week vacation, and like many vacationers caught up in the excitement of bailing out, forgot to lock the door and turn off the lights and TV. Republicans had a field day pointing out to voters, in their most media-savy effort since Newt Gingrich's day, the disconnect between liberal rhetoric and reality as gas hovers above $4 per gallon and America continues to insist on paying others for crude we have but won't produce.

Poor Nancy. Single-mindedly focused on promoting her vanity book, Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters, rated two stars on Amazon, she never noticed George Stephanopoulos' ambush. Not when it began. Not when it was half over. Apparently not even when she was fully toasted did she realize that her mystical, magical, illogical wanderings—forbid even a vote on offshore drilling (in order to save the children, don't you know!), but open the strategic reserve to lower prices, even while raising costs on the oil companies—had killed off her credibility and destroyed any remaining semblance of George's strained credulity.

I'll bet their off-camera social niceties were more than a bit strained after the interview and that it'll be a while before the Speaker returns for a rematch on This Week.

Nancy: Turn off the ligths, the party's over.

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