Sunday, June 01, 2008

Barack Obama: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Or Merely a Sheep?

Those who defend Barack Obama's 20 year history of meeting weekly with the racists, anti-Americans and Marxists at Trinity Church defend him with one of two possible explanations of his action.

  1. He wasn't paying any attention. He wasn't listening when Pastor Jeremiah Wright blamed 9/11 on America rather than on Islamofascist terrorists. He wasn't paying attention when Pastor Wright accused unnamed American administrations for first developing HIV and then dispersing it in an effort to eradicate African Americans. He missed the nearly endless victimology, the racist rants, the anti-American animus, the clash of class.
  2. Senator Obama's choice to remain at Trinity Church, like his decision to join the congregation, was based on political expediency. Twenty years ago he needed street credibility in order to build his political profile and organization. That base enabled him to run and win his first office, from which he later leveraged a successful run for the U. S. Senate. Juan Williams, of NPR and Fox News Sunday, is more comfortable with this analysis than its alternatives, though he admits it tends to reduce Obama to being just another Chicago pol.
The answer may be more straightforward, if substantially more troubling: Barack Obama chose and stayed with the church at which, preacher with whom and beliefs with which he felt most comfortable.

The evidence is the Obama daughters.

Is it conceivable that Mr. and Mrs. Obama would every week expose Malia and Natasha to the toxic language spewing from Trinity's pulpit if they thought it damaging or untruthful? To say "Yes" is to verge on an accusation of verbal child abuse.

If that sounds harsh, review the tapes while imagining yourself a nine-year old black girl tasked by her parents with listening to the pastor they respect and honor.

Can you imagine that Barack and Michelle would agree between themselves to sacrifice their daughters, ages 9 and 7, week after week on the altar of Wright's hate—and Farrakhan's and Pfleger's and Moss' and the others—only to advance Barack's political ambitions?

Certainly Mrs. Obama was listening on Sunday mornings during those 20 years. Her comments on America certainly reflect the racism, class conflict and anti-American attitudes broadcast from Trinity's pulpit every week.

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"Now girls, you mustn't believe everything you heard in church this morning. Uncle Jeremiah and his friend Rev. Farrakhan were just having one of their fever spells. They really didn't mean what they were saying about the government trying to kill people like us."

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