Thursday, March 06, 2008

What If Both Candidates Have Glass Jaws?

We've known for ten years that Hillary has a glass jaw. She has proven repeatedly that she will reflexively do anything to deflect criticism onto others, to change the subject or avoid questions when confronted. She, the master of all things, cannot take responsibility for anything that isn't positive.

This week we've seen Obama behave the same way as he first denied, then explained away, then blamed others for the discrepancy he created between his stance on NAFTA for voters and his contrary reassurance of trading partners. Similarly for his relationship with his neighbor, the Chicago crook. Likewise for Tuesday's repudiation by voters in Texas and Ohio. He, the mesmerizing messiah, looks surprisingly like a deer caught in the headlights.

Glass jaws, each. We can look forward to the sounds of lots of breaking glass over the next few months.

Both Obama and Clinton are candidates of Democrat Party machine politics. He of Chicago, she of DC. The tinkle of broken glass will be augmented by the grinding of gears as the machines drive for party dominance. The convention will be a dangerous place for delegates, requiring both eye and ear protection.

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