Monday, February 25, 2008

Will She Quit? No

A number of commentators are discussing the possibility that Senator Clinton will terminate her candidacy prior to the convention. They cite graciousness, party unity and legacy as justifications for an early end before detouring into the by whom and the how the candidate should be informed of the outcome of their conversations with themselves.

Hillary Clinton will not quit, not while there is power to be had for staying.

Power there is. While she can no longer win the delegates, its much less commented but equally true that neither can Senator Obama. It is unlikely that either of them will have a majority of delegates at the end of the race. Given that, she can either do a deal and win or do a deal and get something for throwing her support behind her opponent.

Only if she quits is life over now.

Party unity? Unless it's unifying behind her, it's of no value.

Gracious? It's been a long, long time since that word has properly applied to either of the Clintons.

Power? That's it. That's always been it. And nothing has changed.

Besides, if Obama loses she just might, might have another shot. Even if not, she'll be able to point to the election the Democrats would have won had they only been smart enough to pick the woman.

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