Sunday, January 06, 2008

Democrat Leaders All Agree: The Surge Is Still Failing

In the debate's most telling question set, Charlie Gibson, generally a pillar of the MSM, offered the candidates a chance to at least nod to reality:

"So I want to ask all of you. Are any of you ready to say that the surge has worked?"
None would. Not a one could come to that admission.

Gibson went further, correcting some of the candidates' talking point "facts" by pointing out the enormous advances since the surge began.

To no avail, their answers remained, "No."

He even offered Hillary a comfortable exit from her memorable insult of General Petraeus four months ago when she told the world that to believe his testimony of progress in Iraq would require "a willing suspension of disbelief."

Last night she could have admitted an error and praised the General's leadership, but she chose instead to double down on her call for a withdrawal no matter the facts.

Ever since the thoughtless comments in 1993 about the inadequacies of military officers serving cocktails at White House functions, she has been unable to come to terms with America's fighting forces.

While she may once more come to occupy the White House, it really does require a willing suspension of disbelief to imagine Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief.


10ksnooker said...

Hillary Matters gave a moving speech in answer to this question about how she would replay the evacuation of Iraq, err Vietnam if she were elected. Having to get out all the staffers, all the civilian workers all the people who are there, who would come home, and then throw the Iraqis to the Al Qaeda wolves. Touching, the way she had no thought about the Iraqis, as if they were useless election pawns.

Not sure how that squares with her vote to go in and remove Saddam, it was just Weird.

Bob Leibowitz said...

10ksnooker -- I agree, she did learn something from the Vietnam experience. -- Bob