Friday, January 04, 2008

The Conservative in the Party

It is amazing to think that some Republican candidates believe the path to victory is in the same forest of populist promises through which the Democrat candidates forage. Listening to some, their rhetoric and their values would sound as sincere coming from an Obama, a Clinton or an Edwards.

There is only one candidate who needn't burnish his conservative credentials.

Fred Thompson is completely comfortable in his own skin, he is settled in his principles, he doesn't seek the presidency for his own completeness. It is in these attributes that he most resembles Ronald Reagan.

Is Thompson the best candidate? He hasn't been, but he is learning. But, its important to remember that we're not electing a candidate, we're electing a President. Can there be any question in the mind of a conservative which candidate would make a truly conservative president?

Fred's conscience is that of the most comfortable conservative.

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Brazentide said...

I really hope Fred can get some momentum soon, the rest of the pack spout certain aspects of conservatism, but Fred comes the closest to the whole package.

More importantly, is his understanding and commitment to the principles of limited constitutional government. While the other candidates discuss how to manage the current hot topics in the news, they don't have any underlying principles that guide them, instead relying on a sickening mix of conservative platitudes and populism.

Fred's experience in acting seems to have given him a keen sense when it comes to detecting the mainstream media's gimmicks, and he doesn't fall for them, as displayed in the global warming question during the Iowa debate last year. His attitude towards the media is almost Rumsfeld-esqe which is highly laudable in my book.

He still needs to explain his vote for the McCain-Feingold bill, but as it stands, Fred is someone I have no problem supporting.