Saturday, January 12, 2008

Clinton Attack Dog Toasted, then Roasted in New Hampshire

For more than two decades, Sid Blumenthal as been Bill and Hillary Clinton's designated character assassin. Need a bimbo tattered? See Sid. Want State Troopers to develop collective amnesia, or to be ignored by the media, let Sid accuse them of fraud, infidelity and drunk driving in The New Yorker magazine. When Bill Clinton spoke of "the politics of personal destruction," Blumenthal was undoubtedly the model for the phrase, though certainly not the target of any instruction to stop.

Michael Isikoff once described the Clinton hit man as one who "rearranges facts, spins conspiracy theories, impugns motives, and besmirches the character of his political and journalistic foes" and one who "has a malleable relationship with the truth" while on his appointed rounds defending the Clintons.

Sid Blumenthal was arrested and jailed in Nashua, New Hampshire early Monday morning on a charge of "aggravated DWI." Sid had the presence of mind to refuse a breathalyzer test, so we'll never know exactly how stewed he was, but he was sufficiently inebriated to cruise through a 30 MPH zone at 70 MPH with a police car behind him. He failed the field sobriety test, was arrested, handcuffed, transported, fingerprinted, and put in the pokey until he made bail.

Nashua prosecutors will be well-advised to review Blumenthal's fictional statements about his statements to investigators and grand jury testimony under oath before cutting him a deal he doesn't deserve.

There are not many on God's earth who deserve the bad days—and nights!—that are our fate, but Sid Blumenthal has ruined more lives than most writers and "political operatives," and deserves special consideration in the halls of humility.

I'll look forward to the mug shot, but won't expect to see the story covered in much of the legacy media.

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