Monday, November 26, 2007

Strange Headlines Met on Way to Frozen-over Hell

Being tired will help, maybe even a Knob Creek, but these headlines strike me as too strange to have been coincidental. Strangeness is the air…

First: "Cheney Condition Makes Heart Flutter" by Reuters

Do you suppose they're talking about the reaction of the nuttier leftists at Slate or the Seattle P-I to news that Vice President Cheney entered the hospital this afternoon?
Also: "Capital Has Severe HIV Epidemic, Report Finds" by Reuters
Yep, all those little HIV germs swam across the Potomac River on the backs of the guns that mysteriously migrate to DC every evening on their own volition. DC is quite the magnet.
Then: "Bush Welcomes Gore to Oval Office" on MyWay
Don't you know, Bush wanted to offer Al a warm welcome, but that's just not in keeping with Gore's emphasis on the climate.
And, "Reid Leads Senators on Bipartisan Junket Through Latin America" by Robert Novak
The Senate Majority Leader, who is presently stalling military funding bills in order to make political points, visited Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Guatamala and Paraquay over Thanksgiving. Harry Reid has now spent more time in each of those extremely important countries than he has spent in Iraq, ever.
Finally, "Hillary Buys Gun, Hums 'His Cheatin' Heart'"

Ok, just kidding on the last one.

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