Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Judge Finds Nine Untruths in "Political" and "Partisan" Gore Movie

After a three day trial, British High Court Judge Mr. Justice Michael Burton has found nine serious factual errors in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, a film which the judge describes as attempting to support Gore's thesis on global warming through "alarmism and exaggeration."

By far the largest and most troubling of the nine "errors" is Gore's false claim of a match—an exact fit, according to Gorein the rise of carbon dioxide against an increase in global temperatures. The judge ruled that "the two graphs do not establish what Mr. Gore asserts." To the contrary. Gore has built his case on the falsity that increases in CO2 cause a greenhouse effect, thereby warming the planet. He extends that position to argue that man-made CO2 will cause, increase or accelerate further warming, creating a climate crisis.

The reality is antithetical to Mr. Gore's position. All currently available scientific data confirms that over the past 650,000 years increases in CO2 have followed increases in global temperatures, not preceded them. It is more likely, though still unproven, that rising temperatures cause increases in CO2 than the reverse.

The other eight inconvenient untruths are that global warming is causing

  • Ice melting on Greenland that will cause oceans to rise 20 feet in the near future
  • Low-lying Pacific atolls to flood
  • The Gulf Stream to shut down, bringing on a new ice age
  • Reduced snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Lake Chad to dry up
  • Polar bears to drown as ice floes shrink
  • Coral reefs to bleach
  • and that it caused Hurricane Katrina
And so the judge ruled that if the film is going to be distributed to public schools it would need an accompanying text explaining that it is partisan and political rather than scientifically truthful.

The Judge also awarded the plaintiff, a truck driving father of two, almost $200,000 in legal expenses.

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Nine untruths in support of a larger truth? Now, that's inconvenient!


Anonymous said...

Bob, A palentologist from the UofM recently spoke to our group about global warming and verified the truth of Judge Burton's opinion. He also said there were many facts missing from Al's movie.

Bob Leibowitz said...

Thanks, Barbara.

Gore hangs the entirety of his argument that temperature increases are man-made on a logical two-step:

1) Man causes increases in CO2, a so-called "greenhouse gas," and
2) Increases in CO2 cause warming.

In the 650,000 years for which somewhat reliable data is available there have been hundreds of temperature changes greater than those we see today and greater than those in Mr. Gore prophesies. Each appears to have been associated with an increase in CO2, that much is true.

The unfortunate fact, and it is fact, settled, not subject to dispute, is that the increases in CO2 levels occurred an average of 800 years after the increases in temperature. It would appear that global warming causes greenhouse gasses, not the reverse.

This is a most inconvenient truth.

I point out in "Where Was Al Gore When Greenland Got Its Name, III?" that none of Gore's theories fit history. It's as if Gore were saying that the Grand Canyon was caused by the weight of litter, which caused a tectonic drift 10,000 years ago. Yes, there is a Grand Canyon. Yes, there is litter, caused by man. But from there, no sale.

The earth will warm. The earth will cool. Al Gore's puffery will affect it not one whit.