Monday, October 01, 2007

"Kill the Terrorists, Secure the Borders, and Give Me Back My Freedom"

Fred Thompson knows what the future holds, is willing to face it directly and, most importantly, is comfortable talking about it with the American people.

Kill the Terrorists

It's not going to end, this war we fight, until we surrender or they die. It really is that simple and yet only one candidate faces up to the simplicity… and its ramifications.

Secure the Borders

Can there be any doubt about the need? Why do we even hesitate to discuss it? In a world where armageddon can be carried in a backpack it's critically important to know exactly who's coming to visit and to keep out those who are not invited.


Give Me Back My Freedom

Freedom has eroded under the constant trickle of regulatory expansion since the end of the Reagan administration. Whether one is a doctor, pilot, accountant, infant or senior citizen, consumer or producer, the scrutiny of 1.9 million federal employees and more than 10 million contract workers has only increased.

Professional candidates will promise almost anything that can be imagined—$5 thousand stipends for babies!—but our Presidents are there to lead and to protect, not to change diapers.

It should be impossible to trust a candidate who has always wanted to be president, as to act on that want illuminates a real flaw of character, one that should be disqualifying.

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