Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fred Thompson, Barn Burner!

Every day is a fresh new day of Legacy Media reporting Fred Thompson is merely coasting along the campaign trail, seemingly barely able to keep up with the other candidates, and then… shazzam!

The most tangible evidence of support, voluntary contributions, have been announced for the quarter just ended and the real world is different than what's been reported.

Funds raised by the campaigns during the quarter for use in the primaries:

Giuliani $10.5 million
Romney $10 million
Thompson $9.3 million
Of course, Thompson's 3rd quarter was a bit shorter than the others, only 24 days after his September 5th announcement, compared to 90 days for the others.

On a daily rate, Fred's fundraising results are instructive and impossible for anyone but The New York Times to ignore
Thompson $387,500 per day
Giuliani $116,667 per day
Romney $111,111 per day
Among Democrats, Clinton reported she raised $22 million for the primaries, a daily rate of about $250,000.

UPDATE: The Thompson campaign said this morning that $6 million of the $9.3 million was raised during the month of September, creating a $200,000 per day raise rate for the Senator since his announcement. Thanks to FreeSpirited for the pointer.

Interestingly, Fred retains in cash a much greater percentage of the funds he has raised than do the others, more than 80%.

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