Monday, September 03, 2007

What a Greeting He Got on the "Sands of Anbar"!

The respect and enthusiasm shown President Bush during his visit to the troops in Anbar was unmistakable and stirring.

How would those who "care" more for our troops fare with the same audience? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Hillary Clinton?

Which of them would generate the enthusiasm amongst the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that President Bush reveled in this morning?

Those who seemingly "care" so much more often treat America's fighting men and women as ill-informed children, victims of their country.

UPDATE: Two days ago I wrote of conquest in Anbar. This morning, Fred Kaplan, a leading thinker and writer, described President Bush's visit to Anbar as "The Gettysburg of this war." Kaplan writes of Anbar as a victory.

A victory.

I agree. For a thoughtful refutation in advance of what we will hear on the media tonight and from the surrender America first leftists later, read Kaplan.

As to how leftists treat our military as victims of their own country, well, they treat most of us the same way.

Ramadi's Transformation is "Breathtaking" but Senator Reid Sees Only "Failure"

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