Friday, August 31, 2007

One Comment on Sen. Larry Craig: Leave Now

When he was arrested and he and the officer were going over the reasons, toes touching, hand showing, etc., how did Senator Craig know what the hell the officer was talking about?

Would you have? I suspect not. I suspect this sort of thing is not known by those who do not practice bathroom cruising.

I cannot imagine a single person I know well who wouldn't first ask what is going on, and then after having it explained, go into a 100% indignation mode, ask to see a superior, refuse to sign anything, call for an attorney on the spot. In other words, go absolutely berserk.

That's not what Senator Craig did. He didn't ask what's going on. He didn't ask what the various signs meant. He didn't go nuts. He just argued how far his toe had gone wandering (without his knowledge), and whether it was his left hand or his right hand under the stall.

Whether innocent or guilty (of the non-crime!) matters less than that his judgment is too peculiar for him to remain in the Senate. His effectiveness is destroyed. He must leave.

Republicans and conservatives have different, higher standards than do those who maintain the likes of Teddy Kennedy.

Senator Craig must go.

The behavior of the police officer was every bit as strange, and the legal standard that was applied is a joke, except when it ruins a life.

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