Friday, July 27, 2007

Can the Democrats Win Without America Losing?

Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) has withdrawn from consideration the Senate bill that would raise pay for the military and pay for supplies needed to continue fighting in Iraq, including specialized armored vehicles designed to withstand IEDs.

With time pressing, there can be only one excuse for such a blatant lack of support for American troops: politics.

It is fashionable amongst liberals to deflect criticism by decrying disagreements as attacks on their patriotism, such as Ms. Clinton did recently when the Pentagon pointed out the damage that some of her remarks may cause. Perhaps conservatives should more often cut to the chase and agree:

"Yes, I question your patriotism. I question whether you're putting your own political gain before the country's interests or even the lives of our troops."
There is no question in my mind where American fighting forces stand in the priorities of politicians such as Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton. Chuck Schumer once remarked on how many seats in the Senate his party can win based on the war in Iraq.

Question to Schumer: Senator, how many seats do you win if America wins, or are all your dreams of political gains based on an American loss?

American troops rate just a little lower with the current liberal leadership than they did and do with John Kerry.

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