Sunday, April 15, 2007

Patricia Buckley, Den Mother of the Conservative Movement, R.I.P.

UPDATE, February 27, 2008: Farewell, Bill, Peace Be With You

Patricia Taylor Buckley, wife for 56 years to Bill, and Den Mother of the Conservative Movement, died April 15, 2007 after a lengthy illness.

Her life story could be a Canadian-American novel. A debutante from Vancouver, British Columbia, she went on to become a leader of New York Society and pillar of numerous charities, including St. Vincent's Hospital and the New York Museum of Arts.

Pat Buckley was as exacting in her tastes as her husband is with words. A regular on the Best Dressed List, she was inducted into its Hall of Fame in the 1990s. Unable to cook early on, she took lessons from James Beard and later went on to design meals and host dinners for as many as 1,000.

Where Bill is gregarious—at least cerebrally—and very comfortable in the center of the limelight, Pat was shy and more comfortable out of the media focus.

I've known Bill Buckley for more than 35 years, not well but well enough to understand that he adored his Pat, his stalwart partner, constant harbor, and unequaled partner.

When the history of the conservative movement is finally written, its successes and intellectual foundations acknowledged, Bill will receive his due, the founder's praise for his creation, and will quite properly share our gratitude with his beloved Pat. If she had done nothing in life but support their cause, it would have been enough. That she did so much more reflects her unique character.

The world will be a less gentle place for her departure from it.

To Bill, Christopher, colleagues and friends --

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of your loss and her gain of everlasting life.

May the Peace of our Lord be with each of you.
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UPDATE, February 27, 2008: Farewell, Bill, Peace Be With You
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