Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where was Al Gore When Greenland Got Its Name?

IF we’re going to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars, decades of billions of lives, and potentially sentence hundreds of millions to endless deprivation, all to control earth’s weather, then can we at least vote on what temperature we want?

I’d like 68º on working days, 58º at night after ten. On weekends and real vacations, 84º would be good during the days.

One or two readers are only a phone call away from Al Gore. Would one of you ask whether we could have different temperatures for vacation resorts, mountain lakes and cities? Or are we all going to be stuck with the same weather? Will all our votes count the same, or will some be more equal? Can we vote on this every year, you know, sort of like playing with the thermostat, up a little, down a bit, or is one time, forever?

Let me know soon, my lovely wife is thinking of shopping for summer clothes next weekend and it would help if I could let her know which way we’re all tilting as to what temperature is the correct one.

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