Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Paper of Record is… Kleenex

In what has to be the weakest editorial of recent Times, the New York paper that defines news as what it prints has opened its mouth to whine "Not us!"

Complaining about what it regards as a liberal propensity on the part of the current Administration to investigate leaks, the paper cries about the three investigations are currently underway, but ignores its central role as cheerleader for the first. Ignoring the multiple layers of hypocrisy that wrap its newest position like Christmas paper, The New York Times adopts the Chuck Schumer defense that treason in pursuit of whistleblowing profits is no vice.

Have they no shame?

"There is a world of difference between that case (Plame) and a current one in which the administration is trying to find the sources of a New York Times report that President Bush secretly authorized spying on American citizens without warrants."

They're wrong on the facts and wrong on the conclusion, which is both not news and indicative of twisted minds. They are in the final throes of defense before throwing overboard their confidential sources from a year ago and watching a handful of editors and reporters walk the plank off the USS Fitzmas, the ship The Times built. How will Bill and Jim and Punch hold up under torture? To what secret locations will they be rendered? Do their contracts provide medical care while incarcerated?
"The spying report was a classic attempt to give the public information it deserves to have."
Is there a weaker-mouthed defense available? This is a Quisling justification of treason based on perceived greater good and better society, as determined by Bill and Punch.

The Old Gray Lady has retired from news reporting to take up the role of umpire in the current war between America and islamofascism. Her mission is to make the world safer through balanced values. To The New York Times it really isn't us against them. It's more into judging the activities in a red state war. It's you against them and may the better side, whichever it is, win.

The Times ends with its plea
"Illegal spying and torture need to be investigated, not whistle-blowers and newspapers."
This, this in time of real way, a shooting war, in which American civilians at home are every bit the target as are our defenders in foreign lands.

Really, gentlemen, have you no shame?

Update: Orin Kerr gives The Times more credence than I can.

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