Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Ad I Wished We'd Seen

This election should have been easy for the Republicans to win. Not because they're perfect, they're not within a light-year of that standard. But a majority of them are on the right side of the only issue that counts: We are at war, a shooting war that threatens our very survival. Will the United States still exist when my daughter is old enough to cast her first vote?

Here's a 30-second TV ad that for less than $1 million in both production and airtime costs would have kept the House and the Senate by significant margins.

The setup: Filmed in black and white and designed to be shown on just one day, the Sunday before the election. Crystal clear audio, Hollywood movie production values. Split screen. On the top half, radar tracks of 150 aircraft converging on the continental U. S. from all directions and at various arrival schedules.

The lower screen shows audio oscillation analysis of two voices, Arabic speakers. A crawler superimposed across the bottom shows a typewritten instantaneous translation of the conversation.

#1 "What progress, my brother?"
#2 "All aircraft have departed their originations on schedule."
#1 " We had enough special materials for each?"
#2 "We did. We were able to purchase an additional two kilos of powder from the Koreans and used that to finish the final four aircraft."
#1 "All is good. In a few hours the great satan will see the future through the eyes of defeat! Where are you now?"
#2 "I have left Chicago in the upwind direction. I will be safe"
#1 "Very good. In what order will the targets be hit?"

An American voice interrupts with a command, "Stop listening! Now!"

#2 "First will be the…" and then the crawler stops.

The audio oscillation continues.

A second American voice responds with urgency, "But, sir…"

The first voice cuts in, "We've been ordered to stop listening to conversations that involve someone in this country."

Screen goes to full. Photo of Pelosi or another Democratic leader.

Voice continues, "The new folks in Congress want this sort of thing stopped now, everyone's privacy protected. I don't want either of us going to jail over this."

Screen fades back to map with inbound aircraft tracks.

The announcer, "Republicans are pledged to fight to save our lives, our future. Others see only politics. On this issue of life or death, which do you trust?"

If the battles we're facing today are so serious that we'll kill others and offer up our own sons and daughters in sacrifice, then the situation is serious enough for straight talk. Islamofascists are intent on killing us, enslaving us and if not us, our children, destroying our cities and our farms.

An ad such as this would have absolutely inflamed the media, generating multiples of coverage. It would have been compared to the Lyndon Johnson "Daisy" ad. It would have had the potential to fully nationalize the elections on what should be the one over-arching national issue, security.

If war there be, then let there be talk of war, talk of victory and talk of defeat.


Anonymous said...

Islamofascists are intent on killing us, enslaving us and if not us, our children, destroying our cities and our farms.


Anonymous said...

I just wet my pants! Dude, what are you doing blogging, you should be down at the recruiter's office. Don't you know we're in an all-out war for Civilization.

Oooops. Wet 'em again.

The Liberal Avenger said...

2 kilos of "powder" ?

You're not talking about Peruvian Marching Powder, are you?

The Cocaine Bomb?!