Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally! Harry Reid Supports Our Troops, With a Little Help from Rush Limbaugh

After a year of missteps, misstatements and misspeaking, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) has finally found a way to truly and honestly help the American troops he has repeatedly voted to put in harm's way.

Earlier this year, Reid described the surge as failed, months before it began. He told us that General Petraeus was "out of touch" with what is going on in Iraq and called Petraeus and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Pace "incompetent." For frosting on his cake of snivel, he also called Petraeus a liar just 60 days after voting to confirm him, and then declared the war "lost" in April, even as his political sidekick gloated about the number of Senate seats that Democrats would win as a consequence.

Where sticks wouldn't work, Reid switched to stones, repeatedly holding up funding for the troops on the ground.

But, the winds change.

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh's auction of a letter calling for Limbaugh's head, a letter drafted and signed by Reid and then circulated for signature among 41 like minded Democratic senators, Reid will provide a major helping hand to Rush's favorite charity.

Rush was given the original letter by the recipient, the chairman of Clear Channel, the syndicator of Rush's radio show. Rush is auctioning the letter on eBay and has promised to donate 100% of the proceeds to The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity which helps provide scholarships to children of Marines who fall in the line of duty. Rush serves on its Board of Directors, along with a galaxy of other constellations of stars who support our military. Interestingly, at least a couple of those serving share the honor of denigration by Harry Reid.

This is easily Harry Reid's finest moment. Finally, real, honest support.

I expect the auction to go well into six figures before it closes.

Good going, Rush! Who tends to do well while doing good.

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