Sunday, May 03, 2009

Looking for Empathy in All the Wrong Places

President Obama has announced his criteria for his first nomination for Justice of the Supreme Court. The "essential ingredient" for the President's approval is empathy, presumably meaning a sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Given this, the President should skip rummaging through the appellate courts, district courts, the law professoriate. As a matter of fact, he should probably avoid lawyers entirely.

Why not go right to the top? He already knows the nation's leading empath, coincidentally a good friend and political supporter. Even better for those who appreciate group politics, she's a three-for: astoundingly successful empath, woman of color, a lifetime of real experience, her own and borrowed from others.

Leftists are pressing for a game-changing leader, a justice who can compete with Scalia by building arguments that sway the entire judiciary with brilliant charisma.

Yep, Oprah's the one.

If Oprah's tied up, I'd like to suggest Christina Aguilera. She hits all the hot buttons: hispanic, female, lots of life experience, probably doesn't care much about some "abstract legal theory or footnote." Just right.

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