Monday, May 04, 2009

Gun Sales High Today, Higher Tomorrow

There is one segment of the economy that the Obama administration has caused to boom, firearms and ammunition. Gun sales are up 50% since the election and popular calibers of ammunition are either extraordinarily expensive or impossible to find as gun owners clear store shelves of anything that will go bang. Manufacturers are running at capacity, expanding production and hiring as quickly as possible.

President Obama's latest strategy to send sales through the roof, in the forms of both repeat business to existing owners as they "stock up", and to first-time purchasers, is the planned release of dozens of hardened terrorists into the cities and towns of America. These men are proven killers, trained in the camps of al-Qaeda. Many have killed Americans, each has sworn to. None have shown remorse. None are rehabilitated. Their only skill, their only experience is terrorism.

They are professional killers. They prefer to kill civilians if possible, women and children are preferred.

The Department of Homeland Security spends scores of billions of dollars each year to keep people like this out, to keep them off airplanes, away from subways, distant from the seats of power. They are not legally allowed to enter the U. S. These are creepy-crawlies of modern times, the anti-heroes of future non-fiction 24 or Die Hard movies.

These are men the likes of which our military are trained to shoot on sight. Yet one day soon they'll be strolling through our malls and airports, touring skyscrapers in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles, scoping out athletic stadiums in New York and Denver.

With their decision to admit the Gitmo detainees into the U. S., Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama have guaranteed full employment at Ruger, Colt's and Smith & Wesson for years to come.

Insult is added to injury: These folks will be paid to live here, their expenses paid with federal tax dollars.

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