Saturday, April 11, 2009

Save Him If Possible, Kill Them With Certainty

Four targets, four rounds, less than a second.

The four pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips are adrift in a lifeboat, without power, without aid. They are facing the U. S. Navy and a resourceful and courageous hostage.

The pirates say that they are not afraid of the U. S.

Unfortunately, that may be true. If it is, the time has come for the Obama administration to teach these pirates, as well as those who follow, that they should fear us. They should learn to only wave at our passing ships, in a friendly manner, from a safe distance.

Sadly, every day that passes, every conversation between the pirates and our representatives, teaches a different lesson. As the world watches, those who wish us evil take the measure of our leaders. They see men and women who prefer talk over action, when action is the only acceptable course.

Save Captain Phillips if at all possible, but kill the pirates, drag their bodies through the 300 miles of ocean to their homes and once there, set them adrift.

Let them be afraid, very afraid.

We have hundreds of warriors trained for this very mission. Let's not delay further, let's not dither.

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