Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain? (Sigh…) Yes. (Sigh…) Enthusiastically

John McCain is not my first choice. Nor my second. Probably not even third. My differences can be summed up with I don't trust him. Not on politics, not on temperament. My distaste reaches almost to the point of saying that I cannot stand the thought of him leading the government for the next four years.


Then I remember my duty to our 1,426,700 active duty military personnel, the men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect us and our future.

As a citizen I have a duty to do whatever I can to provide our military with the best commander in chief possible under the circumstances. To allow either of the candidates of the Democrat Party—one who knows nothing (and doesn't know even that!) and the other who knows only how to order appetizers from those White House waiters—to allow either to command our military would be near-traitorous to our troops.

I cannot do that to our troops.

No matter McCain's failings and limitations, he will take care of our troops.

That gets my vote. That (sigh), in this time of hot war, deserves my enthusiastic support.

The silver lining is that the possibility of McCain winning will scare the hell out of America's enemies, foreign and domestic.

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Anonymous said...

I'm certain Senator McCain has many good qualities. But I was not impressed in any way, shape, or form at his reasons for siding against the Webb GI Bill. I believe "taking care" of the men and women who've given everything to defend our values includes encouraging their future prosperity. "Retention" issues??? Non-partisan research shows that providing comprehensive educational benefits would act as a balance in giving incentive for enlistment. And IMHO would also help develop one of our greatest national resources-- veterans!