Tuesday, August 21, 2007

THUMP! Congress Hits All-Time Low Job-Approval Rating

That sound you heard was that of Congress hitting the floor, an all-time low for job approval ratings from voters.

While much has been made of President Bush's recent slide, recently improving from a six-year low, little has been reported about the free fall of the legislative branch, currently operating under the management of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Our legislative branch has just matched the all-time low, last reached 15 years ago in the midst of the penny stamp scandal, when congresscritters were routinely kiting checks and cashing stamps at the House post office.

Now comes Henry Waxman, the poster child of the "oversight rules!" cheerleaders running the peoples' House this term.

Waxman, who Patrick O'Connor at Politico.com reports

has a history of issuing 'letters' on the heels of stories his staff planted in the news,
has just tagged Attorney General Alberto Gonzales with a letter that requests
a list of all of the events with federally elected officials or candidates for federal office that you or your predecessor attended outside of Washington, DC, during 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. For each event, please provide the date and location of the event, a brief description of the purpose of the event, the identity of the elected officials or candidates for office attending the event, a statement whether taxpayer funds were used to travel to the event, and whether you or your predecessor attended the event in an official capacity.
Not satisfied with making demands, Waxman makes impossible demands
Please provide these materials to the Committee by September 7, 2007.
Congress has opened 300 investigations and held more than 600 "oversight" hearings just in the past seven months. The results? Got me.

Apparently, they have nothing better to do.

Perhaps there's a relationship between what they're doing and what voters think of what they're doing?

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