Thursday, August 23, 2007

There Are Only Three Reasons to Explain Why These Men Haven't Come Forward

These are the men the FBI would like to talk to concerning their "unusual behavior" on Washington State Ferries the past two months or so. They are not accused of any crime. All the FBI would like to do is have a conversation.

They have not yet come forward to identify themselves.

There are three reasons they might not have come forward:

  1. They have left Seattle and live and work outside the web of modern news and are unaware of any interest in them in spite of wall-to-wall coverage by American and international television, print media and web. Their photographs are now almost everywhere in the world, with perhaps one exception.
  2. They have chosen, for whatever reasons, some of which may be completely innocent, to not talk with the FBI. There are people who prefer not to.
  3. They live and work in Seattle but get all their "news" from the Post-Intelligencer, which has chosen to not print their photos. Readers of the P-I are apparently the only people in the world who have to be satisfied with the paper's decision instead to describe the two as "what look like two Middle Eastern-looking men," a description which may not fit the facts.
In the most fully self-aggrandizing comment of the week, the managing editor of the P-I described the paper's role as,
we get to decide what is news and what isn't, and what is fair and what isn't.
Wow, I thought his role is to decide what to print in his paper in the hope that his customers would find it to be news.

Of course, if your readership is in the tank, and potential customers treat your paper less as a serious purveyor of news and more a source for bad poetry, well…

That's news.

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S said...

There are some not so innocent reasons why these men have not come forward, and they appear increasingly likely. It is almost guaranteed that these men have seen their pictures in the paper or on the internet.

Bob Leibowitz said...

Yes, it definitely gets more interesting, and looks less defensible on the part of the P-I, as time passes.