Thursday, August 02, 2007

If Obama Had Been President in 1960, We'd Be Speaking Russian Today

Barak Obama has multiple blind sides in foreign affairs. One day he's way too eager to drop American troops into Pakistan, to forcibly invade an ally, a nuclear ally at that. The next day he foreswears any use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

He's old enough to know better, or at least I'd like to think so. Can there be any question in his mind that a similar statement by Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, even Carter!, Reagan or Bush would have assuredly led to successful Soviet aggressions around the globe? Eventually, Europe would have seen the future, and fallen. South America, too. Certainly the sheikdoms of the Middle East, with their oil.

In ten years or less, America would be completely isolated from any country that matters. Perhaps there'd be a little demonstration of Soviet power, say in Canada or Australia, as a lesson to the world and to the U. S.


At best a Vichy arrangement, perhaps with Harry Reid leading. At worst, stalag America.

What is he thinking?

Foreign affairs is not a game in this deadly world. It's time for Obama to return to kindergarten and learn everything he needs to know.


S said...

Obama is strictly an amateur in most of the skills required for a President. We simply cannot afford the sort of on-the-job training that such a rank amateur would require. He would destroy much of our nation before he caught on, if he ever got the hang of it. This makes his personal charm all the more dangerous.

Bob Leibowitz said...

A charming man, who doesn't care what he doesn't know.