Thursday, August 02, 2007

Apple iPhone: "Can You Hear Me Now?"

It is beginning to appear as though Apple's iPhone, on the market for just over a month, is changing the future of cell phone manufacturers and carriers.

A stunning new report from ChangeWave highlights the carnage:

  • In its first month, iPhone has already captured 1% market share.
  • Of those consumers who intend to purchase a cell phone within the next six months, 16% specify iPhone as their intended purchase, putting Apple in the number one market position among all manufacturers for intended purchases. Conversely, Motorola's share of intended purchases has fallen from 33% a year ago to just 14% today.
  • iPhone registers the highest consumer satisfaction from its owners, an "astounding" 77% of its owners described themselves as very satisfied with their phone. RIM holds down second place, with 50% describing themselves as very satisfied. The rest trail.
  • Finally, and perhaps even more importantly in the long run, ATT may be gaining carrier share on the back of its new handset. ATT's share is up 1%, while most of its rivals are down a point. This in spite of ATT's relatively lackluster satisfaction ratings.
It continues to amaze how so few experts in so many fields fail recognize the enormous value that consumers ascribe to singular plug & play solutions. Play with an iPhone for an hour, and "buttons in a clamshell" looks dated. Use an iPhone for a week and you'll never go back.

Early punditry pointed out that the iPhone does little more than do many competitive smart phones on the market. 'Tis true. The key point is how much more the consumer does.

Easy is good. Intuitive is better. "No brainer" is best.

That's a lesson Apple is teaching from which we can all learn.

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